Today here's a link to download SVG icon for Filemaker with more than 300 icons available in a demonstration file.

Thank to Filemaker Examples



Today here's a link to AppWorks website to highlight their logging solution, fmLog.


It's simple, efficient and smart to record every user action in our Filemaker file's. 


FileMaker Inc had just introduce Filemaker 14. New tools to test, new design, a new script manager...

Good news.

First time at the french Filemaker conference.

Very interesting sessions...

Waiting for next year event


One of the interesting new features Filemaker is the ability to show or hide objects based on a calculation.


Many examples are found on the internet, here is a possible application:


In a CRM solution that I just started and which I use as areas of exploration, I use this display or masking objects capacity particularly in external tables. 

Consider for example an external table which lists the addresses associated with a contact. 

These addresses can be own contact addresses (eg home) or those coming from his company. 

A second external table showing the addresses of the company, allows you to copy them to the table listing the contact addresses. But these addresses should not be changed while the own contact addresses can be modified directly in the portal.